Merrion Square is a fine Georgian garden square located on the south side of the city of Dublin. The square was home to some of Ireland's most famous citizens in the past, including Daniel O'Connell, Oscar Wilde, George William Russell and W.B. Yeats.


Originally laid out in 1762, Merrion Square was a private park for the inhabitants of the neighbouring houses. In 1930, the Roman Catholic church purchased the land to establish a cathedral, but the project was never carried out. Thus, in 1974, the archbishop Dermot Ryan relinquished the plot of land to the city of Dublin to convert it into a public park. 


The park is home to abundant sculptures, the most noted being the statue of Oscar Wilde. One can also see the old street lights that were used to light up the city over the past 100 years. The square is a perfect place to rest in peace after a long day exploring the city.

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